Acts of Compassion Ministry encourage and value each person without condemning them because of their shortcomings but to bring them to positive steps for the better of their lives. The policy of the group is that all people must feel valued even if there is a difference of cultural background, respect must be shown always.

Their basic needs  must be met or referred to other places where they can get help. How you interpret the statements makes all the difference.  At Acts of Compassion, we help those who feel that their dream is fading or grows dim and we show them the way out in our prevention education. Goals we set for clients are like the rungs on the ladder that help them get to the next level.

Our Main Activities

We Offer Support Information Around Issues of:

  • Drugs & Alcohol
  • Treatments and Rehabilitation Referrals
  • Prevention & Education
  • Free Counselling

Standard of Practice

  1. Care: Chaplaincy Care with Patients and Families.
  2. Assessment: The chaplain gathers and evaluates relevant data pertinent to the patient’s situation and/or bio-psycho-social-spiritual/religious health.
  3. Delivery of Care: The chaplain develops and implements a plan of care.
  4. Documentation of Care: The chaplain enters information into the patient’s medical record that is relevant to the patient’s medical, psycho-social, and spiritual/religious goals of care.
  5. Teamwork and Collaboration: The chaplain actively and clearly collaborates with the organization’s interdisciplinary care team.
  6. Ethical Practice: The chaplain adheres to the Common Code of Ethics,which guides decision making and professional behaviour.